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Louis and Rose Tuma

Louis Tuma became a member of the Blaue Donau in 1930 and Rose in 1928. They were both active in singing and Schuhplattling with the Blaue Donau. In 1951, Louis and his cousin Reinhold Rock were instrumental in establishing the group as we know it today. S.T.V. Bavaria was formally established under their leadership on October 21, 1966. Louis held the positions of President and 1. Vorplattler with the Blaue Donau in the early 60's, and both continuously supported the group until their passing, attending and working at all club functions.

Reinhold and Rosemarie Rock

Reinhold Rock became a member of The Schuhplattler und Bauerngruppe Blaue Donau in December of 1951, and Rosemarie in 1955. They both continued their membership with "Bavaria", of which they are founding members, and are currently still active in many ways. Reinhold held the position of President from 1966 to 1975, then Treasurer until 1989. Both still actively sing with the choir, and Reinhold will still pick up the accordian from time to time.

Rudi and Bärbel Hermes

Rudi Hermes became a member in 1960, and Barbara in 1957. Both are still very active to this day, singing and dancing. Rudi has held the position of Vorplattler many times over the years for the club, and has also been Gauvorplattler. He enjoys singing, dancing, and playing the accordian at both practices and performances. Barbara has held many positions, including 1. Vortänzerin, 2. Vortänzerin, Secretary, and Trustee, as well as President.

Emil and Erika Wagner

Frieda Schmoll

Marie Spaan

Marie Spaan has been an active member of STV Bavaria for well over forty years. She has held numerous offices including recording secretary, corresponding secretary, vice president, trustee, and President. Her contributions to Bavaria in the public relations area are way too numerous to list. She has always had articles and pictures about our events to share with the various German publications both locally and nationally. She has been our delegate to the Stadtverband of Greater Cleveland and the DGACC where she currently resides as a Trustee on that board. Marie has never let up in her contributions to our club whether it's a voice of reason at meetings, or the voice of Bavaria in the media.

Regina Rock-Ott

Erich Hetzel

Alfons Schermaier

Gretl Rein

Hertha Hetzel

Kenny Ott


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